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    Thin Blue Line Embroidered Flag


    Be proud and fly this high quality embroidered Thin Blue Line Flag.

    • 3’x5′
    • 210 Nylon
    • Embroidered Stars
    • High Quality
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    United We Stand American Flag PVC Patch

    , $5.99

    Show your support for the police and law enforcement officers with the FIVE O PVC United We Stand Flag Patch. This PVC patch comes subdued with the words “UNITED WE STAND” across the middle along with the FIVEO Emblem. It features hook backing to attach to any loop field and measures  2 1/2″ x 3  1/2″.

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    USA Flag Patch

    , $4.50

    Show your love for the United States of America with one of these great patches!

    Key features include:

    • Hook backing for easy adherence to all products employing a hook and loop method of attachment
    • Each patch includes matching hook & loop panel
    • Color: Olive Drab
    • Size: 2″ x 3″
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    Wolf Hunter Wristband

    , $3.00

    Law Enforcement is societies Sheepdogs which relentlessly HUNTS THE WOLF that preys on the sheep.  Our new silicone wristbands have the Latin word “LUPARIUS” (Wolf Hunter) debossed into the band. Available in black and gray.

    • Heavy duty silicone bands
    • Debossed filled color bands
    • 3/4 inch width