Effects On The Family

Being raised by a police officer carries a lofty price tag that includes some blessings and burdens for a child.  My dad, a retired policeman who went from patrolman to undercover narcotic agent to detective leaves many memories. Not knowing any differently, this life isn’t for everyone, nor for every family.

Very few calls to a policeman are positive. It’s virtually impossible to keep work from entering one’s home and social life. I have both positive and not so positive memories of being a son of such  a man. For example, as a 5th grader, being circled by high school thugs at a public pool.  Yelling and spitting on me while referring to my dad as a “pig!”  Or my aunt’s life being threatened by some other law breakers, after they found out her brother was detective. I remember the. 3:00 a.m. Wake up calls for my dad to go make a deal with the bad guys. This type of pressure can easily disrupt, dysfunction and/or destroy a family.

Yet, on a more positive side, I remember the FOP outings and picnics. The fraternity between policemen and their families is hard to explain, but is so real. The softball and basketball games were a blast. The hardest thing about being a son of a policeman has to be, that on any given day, night or call, a wife can instantly become a widow and the children fatherless. I thank God for our police officers. They are honorable and in our constant prayers.
I’m privileged to say that I got to baptize my father in Jesus Name, long after he retired. Our officers need God every second of their lives.They are under great pressure to provide for their families and their communities. We need to pray for them that God’s divine protection hovers over each officer.

-Rev Gino Magdos, Pastor of New Life Apostolic Church of Dandridge,TN

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