Can anyone order these products or do I have to be law enforcement?

The Five O emblem and the products we offer are primarily directed for all active or retired sworn federal, state or local law enforcement, correction officers, military police, civilian police personnel, all partners in the justice system, and the family and close friends of L.E.O.’s.

Who owns FIVE O Gear?

FIVE O Gear LLC is owned and operated by Christian Police Officers from Knoxville, TN who love their call to the service in their community and to God. Each partner is dedicated to local law enforcement by working countless hours per week in the course of their normal duties. The FIVE O Gear LLC is operated and managed by these dedicated individuals before and after the hours of their regular duties.

What does the emblem represent?

The FIVE O emblem represents and supports the selfless HEROES who Protect and Serve our communities 24/7/365