Iron Sharpens Iron

Have you ever been embarrassed to find out another cop you work with is a Christian too?  You might have thought, “Have I used any ‘choice words’ around him?” or “Does he remember how I acted when we went out that night after training?”

I remember in college I had some criminal justice classes with a guy named Mike.  We hit it off pretty quick.  We decided to get our girlfriends (now wives for both of us) and all go out to dinner.  Within minutes, the girls realized that not only were we all Christians, we went to the same church.  They had just met for crying out loud.  Mike and I had known each other for months.  There is no telling what we had said to each other.   I had no idea he was a Christian and I’m sure “Christian” would not have been the one word he used to describe me.

I think as a LEOs we sometimes feel pressure to act a certain way around each other.  Whether it is giving Mr. Dirt Bag the same lip service he gave me or pressure to fit in the fraternity, I know I have not always represented Christ in my career.

When I find out a LE brother is also a Christian brother, it seems we reach a new level of friendship.  We may talk about the stuff we do in our churches or the crazy games we played at student camps.  But after that, the pressure of fitting in is no longer there.  And to be honest, it makes me feel accountable to him as well.

The Bible says in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  I think this verse was made to Christian cops.  As Christian cops were are made to sharpen each other.  We are made to be accountable to each other.  There is no reason for us to be ashamed of our beliefs.  When we take a stand as a Christian officer, I guarantee you others will notice.  Most of us didn’t get into LE with timid personalities, so why are we hesitant to stand up and be known as a Christian?

When I taught Sunday School at Church, I used to tell the students there are simple two ways for people to know there is a difference within you that doesn’t require Bible bashing.  One, watch your language.  Two, pray before your meals.  It probably won’t take long for God to give you an opportunity to tell someone the difference He made in your life.  Or maybe another Christian officer will appreciate your stance to be different and renew a commitment to be a Christ follower, even on the job.


Trooper Dan Morton

Tennessee Highway Patrol

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